The Seven Days Preparation before Christmas

The new liturgical year begin with the First Sunday of Advent, November 29, 2015. The Advent season is a preparation time for the second coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Throughout the Advent season, we celebrate the Great Promise of God to the human family: Salvation. The spirit of Advent is the spirit of Hope. Living in the "between times of the First and the Second coming of the Savior," we are called to be the leaders of faith who live by this Hope, carry this Hope and announce this Hope to all. As faithful stewards, we are called to be faithful to Jesus Christ, the Savior who makes all things new, who brings peace, justice and righteousness to the world.

The liturgy of Advent invites us to reflect on the chosen Scripture readings which have a strong prophetic voice of accountability and judgment of sins. Therefore, Advent is a time of preparation that is marked by prayers from those walking in the darkness and waiting for the great light of Salvation. The Church invites us to gaze on the face of the prophet Isaiah, John the Baptist and Mary. They are examples for us of humble devotion and commitment to the Great Promise of God. The preparation of Advent will bring us to that joy. As we celebrate the Great Promise of God in this very special Waiting Season, our prayers echo the song of Advent each day for the Second Coming of our Savior: Come, O Come, Emmanuel!

Each day from December 17 to 23, the "O Anitphons" will be sung as Gospel acclamation and at the Evening Prayer according to the tradition of the Church. Each antiphon is a "title of Jesus, the Christ".

December 17 - O Sapientia - O Wisdom Come!

O Wisdom, coming forth from the mouth of the Most High, reaching from one end to another, mightily and sweetly ordering all things: come and teach us the way of prudence.

December 18 - O Adonai - O Holy and Mighty God, Come!
O Adonai, and leader of the house of Israel, who appeared to Moses in the fire of the burning bush and gave him the law of Sinai: come and redeem us with an outstretched arm.

​December 19 - O Radix Jesse - O Root of Jesse, Come!

O Root of Jesse, standing as a sign among the peoples, before you kings shut their mouths, to you the nations will make their prayer: come and deliver us and delay no longer.

December 20 - O Clavis David - O Key of David, Come!

O Key of David and scepter of the house of Israel; you open and no one can shut; you shut and no one can open: come and lead the prisoners from the prison house, those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death.

December 21 - O Oriens - O Sunrise, Come!

O Sunrise, splendor of light eternal and sun of righteousness: come and enlighten those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death.

December 22 - O Rex Gentium - O King of the nations, Come!

O King of the nations, and their desire, the cornerstone making both one: come and save the human race, which you fashioned from clay.

December 23 - O Emmanuel - O Lord our God, Come!

O Emmanuel, our king and our lawgiver, the hope of the nations and their Savior: come and save us, O Lord our God.

Advent Season

A Preparation Time for

the Coming of the Lord!

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