Saint Anne Shrine

16 Church Street | Fiskdale (Sturbridge), MA 01518 

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St. Anne Shrine was built by Monsignor Elzear Brochu, a Southbridge pastor. In 1879, He pledged to St. Anne that if he regained his strength from the failing health, he would build a shrine in her honor. He did recover and he then purchased the land and had the present St. Anne Church constructed in 1883as a mission of Notre Dame Parish in Southbridge. He believed that great wonders would be worked on this site.

After his healing, the frist claim of a cure in 1887 on the Sunday following the feast of St. Anne, a parishioner, Mrs. Houde, was partially healed of dropsy as she approached the altar to receive Communion. The next year, 1888 on the same Sunday and in similar circumstances, Mrs. Houde was completely healed.
That afternoon, parishioners gathered at the church and formed the first procession in thanksgiving to God for this favor obtained through the intercession of St. Anne. With that procession, the first Novena to honor St. Anne was born.

In 1893, Pope Leo XIII granted a fragment of the wrist's bone to be placed in the magnificent Basilica of St. Anne de Beaupre in Quebec. An authentic relic of St. Anne was donated to St. Anne Shrine by the permission of the Cardinal Tashereau of Quebec. The relic was brought to St. Anne Shrine, Fiskdale with the necessary document from Rome and attested to by the seal of Cardinal Tashereau. This framment from the very hand which guided the first footsteps of Mary, the Mother of God, is exposed at our Shrine. Soon the church was too small to accommodate the crowds which flocked to St. Anne's for Sunday Mass. An outdoor chapel, what is now known as the pavillion, was constructed and Sunday Masses began to be celebrated there during the warm weather seasons.

In 1955, Bishop Wright entrusted the Shrine and Parish to the pastoral care of the Augustinians of the Assumption. In 1971, the Assumptionists brought their unique collection of Russion icons to the Shrine. These holy images are available for public viewing.

Since the first healing, over 100 years, people have continued to come to this holy place seeking solace and peace from God through the intercession of St. Anne. The devotion and faithof so many Christians have made this Shrine an ideal place to discover and experience the unfailling love of Christ for his people.