Saint Anne Shrine

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Fr. Vo Tran Gia Dinh was born in Danang, Vietnam in 1972. His parents moved to Australia in 1980 and now retired. He has two sisters. The older sister, Vo Tran Ngan Ha, is a RNDM religious serving in Kenya. His younger sister, Vo Tran Ngoc Huong, is married and has two young boys. After graduation from High School in 1989, he went to Dalat Diocesan Seminary in Vietnam for his formation and was later sent to the Philippines to study.

In 2002, he began his formation with the Assumptionist in Worcester, then in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the Weston Jesuit School of Theology. In July 2008, he worked at Assumption College in Worcester until September 2014, when he was asked to be Shrine Director by his Superior.

He loves the beauty in all its forms and enjoys all sports for the fun and benefits they provide. He regularly walks in the woods early in the day. There he connects with the harmony found in nature which has its roots in eastern philosophy. In the course on “Asian Tradition,” at Assumption College, he shared his strong cultural roots in Taoism and Buddhism. He is known among his Assumptionist brothers, with whom he most enjoys sharing his life experiences and stories, as the “bamboo theologian.” And with the Human Services Students, he shared the Catholic perspective in serving others and grieving the loved ones. As one colleague of Fr. Dinh’s stated “…he is a man of deep faith, who has a keen sense of beauty and a true gift for pastoral ministry. Having worked with him closely for three years now, and knowing him as a student prior to that, I can confidently say that I know Dinh will be a humble, generous, and well-respected priest. I look forward to watching him grow in his identity as an ordained Assumptionist in a new role as Shrine Director.” (This is written by Stephanie McCaffrey, Assumption College.)