Saint Anne Shrine

16 Church Street | Fiskdale (Sturbridge), MA 01518 

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Two Chairs and A Candle
Saint Anne Shrine offers spiritual companions for those who would like to have a deep converstaion with God about their spiritual journey. It is a traditional way of the Church and a path of many holy men and women and saints. Its aim is to help those who come to have an opportunity to choose their own time in their busy life to walk individually in full communion with the Church. It is more a ministry of listening, guiding, and surporting rahter than directing people. it is less about problem solving; but allowing God to be the center of attention in one's difficult time, life struggles or one's questions and inner growth. "The Lord requires of you: only to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God." (Micah 6:8) Please e-mail Saint Anne Shrine or call us at 508 347 7338 to have further information or to make an appointment.

Prayer Requests

Many pilgrims have come to Saint Anne Shrine for prayer, worship and pilgrimage. It is a holy place where prayer intentions are offered to God in Saint Anne Voitie chapel, Saint Patrick chapel, Saint Joachim chapel, Hall of Saints, Ourdoor Shrines, and Saint Anne church. It is our honor to be able to accept your prayer intention. All prayer requests are kept confidential, offered to God in daily prayer, placed next to Saint Anne, and burned on the closing day of the yearly Novena on the Feast of Saint Anne. Send us your prayer requests at 16 Church St., Fiskdale, MA 01518 or e-mail us at

Spiritual Readings
Walking in the tradition of the Church, Saint Anne would like to invite those who seek to deepen their spiritual journey to discover the richness of the spiritual life of the Catholic Church in classic, traditional writings of the Fathers of the Church or Saints. An hour discussion per month after a reading assignment will be scheduled in order to enter the deepth of the text. E-mail us if you are interested.